Cube Light, 2008Fountain of Light, 2007Fountain of Light, 2007Boomerang, 2006Boomerang, 2006Chandelier, 2002


Fairytale People, 2007Fairytale People, 2007Fairytale People, 2007Fairytale Chairs, 2007Fairytale Chairs, 2007Fairytale Luggage, 2007Fairytale, 2007Fairytale, 2007 (detail)Fairytale Film, 2008Fairytale Film, 2008


Ai Weiwei 'Fairytale' DocumentaryFairytale T-shirts, 2007Fairytale USB-stick Bracelets, 2007Fairytale USB-stick Bracelets, 2007


Grapes, 2011Table with Two Legs on the Wall, 2009Grapes, 2008Table with three legs, 2007Stool (No.4), 2006Two Joined Square Tables, 2005Table with two Legs, 2005Table and Beam, 2002Table and Pillar, 2002 / Table and Beam, 2002


Cong, 2008-2011, Edition of 3Cong, 2008-2011, Edition of 3Cong, 2008-2011, Edition of 3Cong, 2008-2011, Edition of 3
Fairytale People, 2007Field, 2010Template, 2007Bubble, 2008Mei Le, 2007World Map, 2006World Map, 2006 (detail)Forever Bicycles, 2003Monumental Junkyard, 2007


Iron Tree, 2013Rebar 32, 2008 - 2012Rebar 21, 2008 - 2012Rebar 23, 2008 - 2012Rebar 42, 2008 - 2012


Lantern, 2014Sofa in Grey (pair), 2011Sofa in Grey (pair), 2011 (detail)Sofa in White, 2011Sofa in White, 2011 (detail)
Marble Rebar, 2012Marble Tree, 2012Surveillance Camera, 2010Marble Chair, 2011 (No. 9)
Marble Plate, 2010Marble Plate, 2009Marble Arm, 2007Monumental Junkyard, 2006


Forever (Stainless Steel Bicycles in Silvery) 3 Pairs, 2013Forever (Stainless Steel Bicycles in Silvery) Duo, 2013Forever (Stainless Steel Bicycles in Gilding) Duo, 2013Forever (Stainless Steel Bicycles in Gilding) 3 Pairs, 2013Tea House, 2009Tea House, 2009 (detail)Tea Brick, 2008Ton of Tea, 2007 / Tea Cube, 2007White Stone Axes, 2006White Stone Axes, 2006 (detail)Feet, 2003Feet, 2003 (detail)Hands, 2003Hands, 2003 (detail)Beijing's present, 2002untitled (shoe and book), 1986


Illumination, 2009
National Stadium No. 1 23.03.2005, 2014National Stadium No. 2 04.04.2006, 2014National Stadium No. 3 20.05.2006, 2014National Stadium No. 4 15.09.2006, 2014National Stadium No. 5 15.09.2006, 2014National Stadium No. 6 12.01.2007, 2014National Stadium No. 7 02.03.2007, 2014National Stadium No. 8 02.03.2007, 2014National Stadium No. 9 02.03.2007, 2014National Stadium No. 10 19.04.2007, 2014258 Fake, 2011, revised from 'Ai Weiwei - Interlacing' exhibition
Provisional Landscapes, 2002 - 2005Provisional Landscapes, 2002 - 2005Provisional Landscapes, 2002 - 2005Study of Perspective - White House, 1999Study of Perspective - Tian An Men, 1997Study of perspective - Eiffel Tower, 1999Study of perspective - Reichstag, 1995-2003Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn, 1995/2004June 1994, 1994In the front of two towers, 1985


Ruyi, 2012Ruyi, 2012Owl House, 2010Rock, 2009-2010Porcelain Cube, 2009
Kui Hua Zi, 2009Kui Hua Zi, 2009 (detail)Hanging Man in Porcelain (gold), 2009, edition of 18Hanging Man in Porcelain (silver), 2009, edition of 100Bamboo and Porcelain, 2008
Flowers, 2007Flowers, 2007 (detail)Flowers, 2007 (detail)Dress with Flowers, 2010Dress with Flowers, 2010Pillar, 2006Pillar, 2006Oil Spills, 2006Bowls of Pearls, 2007The Wave, 2005


Coca Cola, 2011Colored Vases, 2011Colored Vases, 2008Colored Vases, 2011


Beijing: The Second Ring, 2005Beijing: The Third Ring, 2005Chang'an Boulevard, 2004Beijing, 2003


Sugar Pill, 2013Sugar Pill, 2013Container, 2013Wooden Cuffs, 2012Tree, 2009–2010untitled (Foster Divina), 2010untitled (wooden ball), 2010Cube in Ebony, 2009Cube in Ebony, 2009 (detail)Moonchest, 2008Kippe, 2006Map of China, 2006untitled, 2006 / untitled, 2006Map of China, 2004