Experience and Ideology, (No. 7) 2010

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Experience and Ideology, 2010-2012

Experience and Ideology, (No. 7) 2010

edition of 2 (CN 1/2, EN 2/2)
b/w photograph, wooden frame, copper plate
112 x 112 x 13 cm

writing on the work:
I have been asked to think of a work that could be shown in an art fair. As I tried to come up with a work, I thought of this black and white image of a sea, which had left a strong impression on me. I wanted to show this image but I had trouble offering a “justification” for doing so. Such a predicament revealed to me a passive way of working we’ve increasingly become stuck to. As an artist, we often need to respond to all kinds of exhibition concepts, contexts and spaces, make proposals. Maybe I should just stop making excuses about a beautiful image of the sea and just show it as such.