Landscape 2006, 2006

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Installations and Sculptures

Landscape 2006, 2006

live painting performance
mixed media (painting, wooden frame pieces, 19 photos, video)
sizes variable (painting 400 x 220 cm)

On April 2006 Meng Huang set up a scaffolding en-plein-air in order to paint the surrounding landscape of Pheonix Peak at Fenghuangling, located in the suburbs of Beijing. The scaffolding soon collapsed as the wind picked up, and the painting was torn to shreds by the gale. A video documentation records Meng Huang's failed attempt to challenge the overwhelming power of Nature.
The unfinished painting and the photographic documentation of the live painting performance were shown together with the video and the leftovers of the broken frame during the exhibition "And What do You Think? Landscapes" held at Galerie Urs Meile in Beijing from September 6 to October 26, 2008.