Rabbit Portrait - Wuxi 1, 2017Arhat Holding a Cane, 2016'Rabbit Portrait (Yiwei 2)' 2015'Portrait' 2014“Portrait” 2013Portrait - Eagle, 2013Portrait - Apple No.2, 2013
Misty Winter, 2013Medicine, 2012Monkey Looking into a Mirror No.2, 2012Front of a Horse, 2012Grandmother Rabbit, 2012Rabbit at Desk, 2012
Sleeping, 2012You, 2011Baby Reindeer, 2011Chinese Cabbage, 2011Baby Tiger, 2011Long Eyebrow Arhat, 2011Hare on the Moon, 2011一, 2010Lotus, 2011Water No.2, 2007


Black Portrait No. 4, 2018Rabbit Portrait - Wuxu 2, 2018Shanshui Hare, 2017Yu Han Rock, 2017Lying Rabbit, 2017Old Ape in the Ravine, 2017After Bada's Birds, 2017Old Ape on the Monument, 2017Rabbit Portrait - Dingyou 1, 2017Wild Grass, Old Ape, 2017Wild Grass, Old Ape No. 2, 2017Ape Watching Waves, 2016Rabbit from the Side, 2016Big Paired Rabbits, 2016Backward-looking Rabbit , 2016Hand-licking Rabbit, 2016Hand-licking Rabbit No. 2, 2016Cross-legged Old Ape, 2016Old Ape on the Rock, 2016Lord Rabbit, 2016Monkey in the Tree - Yiwei 1, 2015Rabbit Portrait - Yiwei 2, 2015Water - Yiwei, 2015Water, 2015Rabbit Asks, 2015Rabbit Portrait (Jiawu7), 2014Portrait, 2013Portrait, 2013


Snow Rabbit, 2011Black Hare, 2011Landscape Hare, 2011


Pyramid, 2017Ming Beard - 2006, No.5, 2006Ming Foot Bones - 2009, No.3, 2009Ming Turd, 2006Ming Spine - 2006, No.6, 2007King - 1995, 2010Project No.1 of the Year 2004, 2008


Old Tree Chair, 2018Rose Table, No.1, 2017Ring, No.1, 2013Embroidered Tea Table - 2012, No.3, 2013Five Leg Table - 2011, No. 3, 2012Five Leg Table - 2011, No. 3, 2012 (detail)untitled (No.2), 2005Embroidered Stool - 2005, AP1/2, 2005Five Star Table - 2005, No. 3, 2012