Rabbit Portrait - Wuxi 1, 2017Arhat Holding a Cane, 2016'Rabbit Portrait (Yiwei 2)' 2015'Portrait' 2014“Portrait” 2013Portrait - Eagle, 2013Portrait - Apple No.2, 2013
Misty Winter, 2013Medicine, 2012Monkey Looking into a Mirror No.2, 2012Front of a Horse, 2012Grandmother Rabbit, 2012Rabbit at Desk, 2012
Sleeping, 2012You, 2011Baby Reindeer, 2011Chinese Cabbage, 2011Baby Tiger, 2011Long Eyebrow Arhat, 2011Hare on the Moon, 2011一, 2010Lotus, 2011Water No.2, 2007


Rabbit Portrait - Wuxu 2, 2018Shanshui Hare, 2017Yu Han Rock, 2017Lying Rabbit, 2017Old Ape in the Ravine, 2017After Bada's Birds, 2017Old Ape on the Monument, 2017Rabbit Portrait - Dingyou 1, 2017Wild Grass, Old Ape, 2017Wild Grass, Old Ape No. 2, 2017Ape Watching Waves, 2016Rabbit from the Side, 2016Big Paired Rabbits, 2016Backward-looking Rabbit , 2016Hand-licking Rabbit, 2016Hand-licking Rabbit No. 2, 2016Cross-legged Old Ape, 2016Old Ape on the Rock, 2016Lord Rabbit, 2016Monkey in the Tree - Yiwei 1, 2015Rabbit Portrait - Yiwei 2, 2015Water - Yiwei, 2015Water, 2015Rabbit Asks, 2015Rabbit Portrait (Jiawu7), 2014Portrait, 2013Portrait, 2013


Snow Rabbit, 2011Black Hare, 2011Landscape Hare, 2011


Pyramid, 2017Ming Beard - 2006, No.5, 2006Ming Foot Bones - 2009, No.3, 2009Ming Turd, 2006Ming Spine - 2006, No.6, 2007King - 1995, 2010Project No.1 of the Year 2004, 2008


Rose Table, No.1, 2017Ring, No.1, 2013Embroidered Tea Table - 2012, No.3, 2013Five Leg Table - 2011, No. 3, 2012Five Leg Table - 2011, No. 3, 2012 (detail)untitled (No.2), 2005Embroidered Stool - 2005, AP1/2, 2005Five Star Table - 2005, No. 3, 2012