VR Experience, 2018The Encounter of Life, 2018Autumn, 2018Zhong Lifang and Zhong Liping, 2018Shenyang Night, 2018


Noon Break, 2017 - 2019Noon Break (1), 2017 - 2019Noon Break (2), 2017 - 2019Noon Break (3), 2017 - 2019Noon Break (4), 2017 - 2019
Parting/ Enigma of the Destiny , 2017Son of the Beekeeper - The Painter Liao Guohe, 2017 - 2018Old Lady, Xinxin and Xinyi, 2017Unfaithful Lover, 2017Harvest Season, 2017


Four Seasons, 2016 / 2017Four Seasons (Spring), 2016 / 2017Four Seasons (Summer), 2016 / 2017Four Seasons (Autumn), 2016 / 2017Four Seasons (Winter), 2016 / 2017
Watermelon Landmine, 2016The Divine Anti-Japanese Cock, 2016The Divine Anti-Japanese Goose No. 2, 2016The Divine Anti-Japanese Goose No. 3, 2016


Ji Gong, 2015Japanese Devil, 2015Traitors, 2015Norman Bethune, 2015Ashima , 2014 - 2015By the River Neva in St. Petersburg No. 2, 2013  - 2015


Red-square Portrait, 2014By the River Neva in St Petersburg, 2014Bananas and Pregnant Pearsuntitled (Pan Changjiang), 2014Harmonious Smiles No.2, 2014


untitled (chinese brush No. 1), 2008-2013untitled (watering flowers), 2013Pura Tanah Lot Temple No. 2, 2013untitled (in spring), 2013untitled (palette), 2008-2013


Wang Huashang No.2, 2012Wang Huashang No.3, 2012Wang Huashang, 2012Death of Wu Tao No. 2, 2012untitled (bonsai old lady), 2012Mr. Lu Hao, 2012Aunt, 2012


Death of Wu Tao No. 1, 2011Pura Tanah Lot Temple, 2011Bali, 2011
untitled (flowerpot old lady), 2011untitled (old lady No. 8), 2011untitled (small old lady on the balcony), 2011
untitled (shidu), 2011Big Tree by the Film Museum No. 2, 2011untitled (painter), 2011Bai Yansong, 2011Female Body and Geometric Solid, 2011


Self-portrait, 2010 / 2018untitled (old lady on the balcony), 2010untitled (old lady No. 1), 2010untitled (old lady No. 2), 2010
Big Tree by the Film Museum, 2010Mao Yan, 2010untitled (chinese brush No. 2), 2010untitled (red flowers green grass woman No. 1), 2010untitled (red flowers green grass woman No. 2), 2010


A Sunday Afternoon in the Youth Park, 2009Side Park Football Field, 2009untitled (figure seen from the back), 2009untitled (female soldiers), 2009untitled (flowerpot), 2009


Comrade Xiao He No. 2, 2008Comrade Xiao He No. 3, 2008Comrade Xiao He No. 4, 2008untitled (spittoon), 2008untitled (penguin trolleys), 2008untitled (small begging), 2008untitled (stage), 2008untitled (small tree), 2008


untitled (breasts), 2007untitled (small recycling the old computer), 2007untitled (moondoor), 2007untitled (intravenous bottle), 2007


untitled (large rowboat), 2006untitled (heart-shaped dance), 2006untitled (hugging a mushroom), 2006untitled (man hugging a tree), 2006untitled (woman pulling a man), 2006untitled (computer nurse), 2006untitled (nurse hugging a tree), 2006The Legend of the White Snake, 2006unitled (navy on the hill), 2006


untitled (air hostess), 2005untitled (golf player and watermelons No. 1), 2005untitled (hostess and trolley), 2005untitled (hostess and nurse in a raft), 2005untitled (nurse with high heels), 2005untitled (seaman), 2005untitled (green penguins) 2005


untitled (green penguin and panda), 2004untitled (death of panda), 2004untitled, 2004Basketball Stadium II, 2004Extortion, 2004The Night in Shanghai, 2004Donkey in the Snow, 2004

1994 - 2003

Nude, 2003untitled (hotel room), 2003All Happy Families are similar (2), 1994